Information We Collect

ShoutIn must receive or collect some information to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services. The types of information we receive and collect depend on how you use our Services.

Information You Provide

Account Information

You provide your mobile phone number and basic information (including your name) to create a ShoutIn account. You provide us, all in accordance with applicable laws, the phone numbers in your mobile address book on a regular basis, including those of both the users of our Services and your other contacts.

Digital Data created by you or your on behalf

We do not retain your data in the ordinary course of providing our Services to you. Once your data has expired (including your chats, photos, videos, voice messages, files, and share location information) they will be from our servers within 7 days. We may use your data by removing any personal identification related to you or your contact such as your and their phone number or name or street address for analytical purpose or to provide you related services. Your expired data are stored on your own devices which you can use to create new data from.


To help you organize how you communicate with others, we may help you identify your contacts who also use ShoutIn.


You may provide us with information related to your use of our Services, including copies of your messages, and how to contact you so we can provide you customer support. For example, you may send us an email with information relating to our app performance or other issues.

Automatically Collected Information

Usage And Log Information

We collect information about your activity on our Services, like service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This includes information about your activity (including how you use our Services, your Services settings, how you interact with others using our Services, and the time, frequency, and duration of your activities and interactions), log files, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports.

Device And Connection Information

We collect device and connection-specific information when you install, access, or use our Services. This includes information like hardware model, operating system information, battery level, signal strength, app version, browser information, and mobile network, connection information including phone number, mobile operator or ISP, language and time zone, and IP, device operations information associated with the same device or account.

Location Information

Currently we don’t use your location information if in future we plan to use your location information we will update this Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Information

Information Others Provide About You

We receive information about you from other users and businesses. For example, when other users or businesses you know use our Services, they may provide your phone number, name, and other information (like information from their mobile address book or in the case of businesses, additional information about you such as unique identifiers), just as you may provide theirs. We require each of these users and businesses to have lawful rights to collect, use, and share your information before providing any information to us.

Businesses On ShoutIn

Businesses you interact with using ShoutIn provide us information about their interactions with you. A business on ShoutIn may also use another company to assist it in storing, reading, and responding to your messages on behalf of and in support of that business. Please note that when businesses use third-party services, their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those services and their use of your information on those services.

Third-Party Data use

We don’t sell your data to any businesses or individual unless it is mandated by law to comply with them.

How We Use Information

We use the information we have (subject to choices you make) to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services. We use the information we have to operate and provide our Services, including providing customer support, and improving, fixing, and customizing our Services. We understand how people use our Services and analyze and use the information we have to evaluate and improve our Services, research, develop, and test new services and features, and conduct troubleshooting activities. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us.

Safety And Security

We verify accounts and activity, and promote safety and security on and off our Services, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our Terms, and to ensure our Services are being used legally.

Communications About Our Services

We use the information we have to communicate with you about our Services and features and let you know about our terms and policies and other important updates.

No Third-Party Banner Ads

We do not allow third-party banner ads on ShoutIn. We have no intention to introduce them, but if we ever do, we will update this policy.

Commercial Use

We will allow you and third parties, like businesses, to communicate with each other using ShoutIn, such as through appointment information and their availability for service or product. We do not want you to have a spammy experience; you can let us know if you are having spammy experience by sending us email.

Measurement, Analytics, And Other Business Services

We help businesses who use ShoutIn measure the effectiveness and distribution of their services and messages, and understand how people interact with them on our Services.

Information You And We Share

You share your information as you use and communicate through our Services, and we share your information to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services.

Send Your Information To Those You Choose To Communicate With

You share your information (including messages) as you use and communicate through our Services.

Account Information

Your phone number, profile information, about information, last seen information, and receipts may be available to anyone who uses our Services, although you can configure your Services settings to manage certain information available to other users and businesses with whom you communicate.

Your Contacts and Others

Users and businesses with whom you communicate may store or reshare your information (including your phone number or messages) with others on and off our Services. You can use your Services settings and the block feature in our Services to manage the users of our Services with whom you communicate and certain information you share.

Businesses On ShoutIn

We help businesses who use ShoutIn to measure the effectiveness and distribution of their services and messages, and understand how people interact with them on our Services.

Assignment, Change Of Control, And Transfer

All of our rights and obligations under our Privacy Policy are freely assignable by us to any of our affiliates, in connection with a merger, acquisition, restructuring, or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise, and we may transfer your information to any of our affiliates, successor entities, or new owner.

How You Exercise Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation or other applicable local laws, you have the right to access, rectify, port, and erase your information, as well as the right to restrict and object to certain processing of your information. This includes the right to object to our processing of your information for direct marketing and the right to object to our processing of your information where we are performing a task in the public interest or pursuing our legitimate interests or those of a third party. You can request your data by emailing us at

Managing And Deleting Your Information

We store information until it is no longer necessary to provide our services, or until your account is deleted, whichever comes first. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things like the nature of the information, why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational retention needs. If you would like to manage, change, limit, or delete your information, we allow you to do that through the following tools:

Changing Your Mobile Phone Number, Profile Name And Picture, And About Information

You must change your mobile phone number using our in-app change number feature and transfer your account to your new mobile phone number. You can also change your profile name, profile picture, and about information at any time.

Deleting Your ShoutIn Account

You may delete your ShoutIn account at any time (including if you want to revoke your consent to our use of your information) using our in-app delete my account feature. When you delete your ShoutIn account, your undelivered messages are deleted from our servers as well as any of your other information we no longer need to operate and provide our Services. Be mindful that if you only delete our Services from your device without using our in-app delete my account feature, your information may be stored with us for a longer period. Please remember that when you delete your account, it does not affect the information other users have relating to you, such as their copy of the messages you sent them.

Deleting ShoutIn application

If you delete or uninstall our application it does not delete your data on our server you must use in-app delete account function to delete your data completely. If this function is not available in early release of the application you must send us email to to delete your data.

Law And Protection

We collect, use, preserve, and share your information if we have a good-faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to: (a) respond pursuant to applicable law or regulations, to legal process, or to government requests; (b) enforce our Terms and any other applicable terms and policies, including for investigations of potential violations; (c) detect, investigate, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues; or (d) protect the rights, property, and safety of our users.

Our Global Operations

ShoutIn is only available to US and Canadian user base. If we make our application available globally we will update our Privacy Policy.

Updates To Our Policy

We will notify you before we make changes to this Privacy Policy and give you the opportunity to review the revised Privacy Policy before you choose to continue using our Services.

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